Wide Board Directory

harry bigfoot
I’ve started compiling a list of wide boards listed by company and size. The list is no where near complete, but I’ll keep updating this and adding links. From this list I have, you should be able to see there are numerous choices in the wide/mid-wide market. Each company name is hyperlinked back to the companies website, making things a bit easier for you all.

13-14 Season Year Models

The companies below have respective boards listed and linked where possible.  This list is being actively updated


NEVERSUMMER [http://www.neversummer.com]

Chairman X 

Heritage X 

Snowtrooper X


Cobra X


Lib-Tech/GNU/Mervin [http://www.mervin.com/]
Lib Tech Skunk Apes

Dark Series

Skate Bananas

GNU Carbon Credit Series

Park Pickles

Riders Choice


UNITY [http://www.unitysnowboards.com/]





YES  [http://www.yesnowboard.com/]

The Basic

Big City

Great Beauties

Great Boobs

Pick Your Line


Ride Snowboards [http://www.ridesnowboards.com/]

Highlife UL Wide

Machete GT Wide

DH2 Wide

Berzerker Wide

Buck Wild Wide

DH Wide

Machete Wide

Wild Life Wide

Crush Wide

Kink Wide

Manic Wide

Agenda Wide

K2 Snowboards [http://www.http://k2snowboarding.com.com/]

Slayblade Wide

Ultra Dream Wide

Fastplant Wide

Turbo Dream Wide

Lifelike Wide

WWW Wide

Raygun Wide

Playback Wide

Brigade Wide