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Local: Contour Roam Quick Video

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Spent quite a bit of time shooting footage with the Contour Roam POV cam on my helmet, and I’m finally getting around to sorting through 20Gb + of video clips. I put together this quick clip of a lazy day at A-Basin just playing around on groomers. Vimeo compressed a bit, but figured I’d share regardless.

Local: Local Resorts

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A few weeks ago, we got dumped on here in Colorado, or at least up in the Rockies, helping to open Loveland, and A-Basin resorts, both a day apart.  While I haven’t had a chance to make turns yet, I realized that Keystone is opening tomorrow, so I’ll be getting ready to go up and make turns. While we did get one nice winter storm, it appears we’ve been engulfed in a warmer weather pattern, resulting in less snow, that I’d like at this point.  With average temperatures in the 50-60 degree range, it’s almost like late season, instead of early season.

Regardless, at least we have some snow up there, and are able to get up and make turns!  If you’re in the local area, definitely check out Keystone, Loveland, and A-Basin to make some turns.  If you’re up for some hiking, Loveland Pass, can also be fun, although make sure you ride with friends, whenever you’re riding off trail.   Stay tuned for riding reports from the local resorts as I get out to make some turns.