686 Clothing & Sizing..

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I’ve never purchased anything from 686 YET!  I am however about to pickup some gear from them, based on the fact they are quite true in the sizing department.  Anyone who is a bigger rider, whether it’s feet, waist, chest, what have you, knows finding name brand snowboard gear can be a nightmare.  It appears 686 is one place you can turn to to get stylish, quality gear.  

Oakley A Frame & Shaun White Signature Series

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I’ve got several pairs of Goggles to post reviews on, but decided to start with the Oakley A frames, as people tend to flock towards Oakley goggles.  Oakley is well known, and incredibly established in the optics arena.  They make high quality optics, and do so very well.   

Noggin Safety…

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Hi-Fi Helmet

Should I wear a helmet, or should I skip it?  Questions that everyone probably asks themselves.   I choose to wear a helmet based on safety issues and having been hit in the head once before by a rider not paying downhill attention.    While not always the most stylish event, I do find myself at times forgetting I even have my helmet on.   Now..the reason for this post, is not to discuss why or why not, it’s actually just to present some helmet sizing information.