Two Days until Shays Birthday Giveaway!

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That’s right peeps.  Shays got it going on this year.  Her Birthday is in TWO days time, and the contest starts Friday morning.   All you peeps in CO especially the Denver area, need to peep RIGHT HERE to check out all the info.  You could be the winner of a new 09-10′ Never Summer Snowboard!

R.E.D. Hi-Fi II Helmet

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Most people who know me, know I am a fan of my helmets.  Not because I think they will magically save my life, but to keep my oversized noggin protected from some other persons negligence.   Whether it’s a runaway tourist who’s never snowboarded, or the kid who didn’t use a leash and the board becomes a missle,  I love my helmet because its come in handy more than once.  Now with that being said, one of the biggest PITA’s about having a bigger noggin is finding a helmet that fits appropriately.   R.E.D. has several helmets with come in their XXL size range, which as they define sizing is 63-65cm in size.