Local: I’m still Around

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Hey all,

I’ve been buried under work, which has kept the site a bit quiet.  Have no fear, I’m gearing up for a pretty solid season, and will have some great reviews etc coming forth.   Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Burton Backcountry Snowboarding Video

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Burton, a brand I don’t mention much on my blog (I should probably demo/ride more of their gear maybe) has dropped the first part in a four part series entitled Burton Backcountry [Snowboarding].   I’ve always been a huge fan of watching Terje Haakonsen, and Nicolas Müller ride and this is no exception, but also enjoyed watching Jussi Oksanen, Jeremy Jones, Mikey Rencz, and Mark Sollors throw down on some gnarly backcountry terrain.

The video is free to download and/or watch.  You can check out the gents throwing pow around, hitting pillows and so much more below (youtube.com link).


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As I come up into another season of riding, I’ll be working to post my thoughts, and opinions on reviews.   I’m not a professional snowboarder, nor do I get paid in any form through this site, or the brands I review and/or ride.  Sometimes I may “mis-use” a word in a review, and that’s ok by me.  Pop, snap, I try to keep it all in check, but generally speaking I try to write about my thoughts, feelings, and experience with whatever it is that I’m reviewing.   Again, I’m not Shaun White, and rarely do I ride park, but I’ve been riding for quite a while now, and enjoy everything from backcountry lines out of bounds with friends, to inbound sluff days just playing on corduroy.  So this season as I post my thoughts, and experiences, hopefully it provides some insight and value for other bigger riders out there.  I’m working on improving reviews, and making them more consistent in format as well.

Winter is coming!