Thoughts: What a Season, or lack of For me.

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So this season we’ve had an insane winter here in Colorado.  The season started out well for me, and quickly escalated into chaos.  I guess everyone is due a season with injury, and this year just happened to be mine.  Broken foot, retinal cut, and six weeks of flu, all worked together to just slash my season.  Have no fear though, I haven’t forgotten about the site, nor reviews.  A-Basin still has plenty of snow for me to make up a few turns.  Hope you all had a killer season out there!

Review: 686 Outerwear: Smarty Command Colorblock XXL

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Every season, I think to myself, “what jacket and/or pants should I get this year?”    Sometimes I think I’ll stray, but I always end up coming back to 686, and the Smarty line.  I’ve heard people complain, and I’ve heard people rave about 686.  I’ve heard everything from “their jackets suck” to “their smarty pants are the best.”   For me, it’s about comfortable, technical apparel that actually fits a big guy like myself.  I’ve found that in 686 time, and time again.

Oh December…

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December has been an interesting month.  I haven’t been up to ride yet.  Between cutting my eye (argg what a ridiculously painful thing to do) and now somehow fracturing my foot, it’s been one of those months.  I’m itching to get out on the snow, so I hope you guys are out making turns, and enjoying the ride.  I’m hoping to get out over the next couple of weeks to make up for lost time.  Look for posts coming up.   Hope it’s snowing in your part of the world!