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In the spirit of honesty, and of course the law, I wanted to add a Disclosure page to the this blog, so you, the reader know where, how, and why I get what gear I review and ride.  The FCC recently passed requirements stating bloggers/reviews must disclose whether or not they are paid etc, when doing reviews.  With that being said let’s begin shall we?

Reviews on this site are written by myself in a good faith effort to provide information for other riders who may find it helpful.  Nothing is set in stone, and all writing is purely my opinion, as such, it’s perfectly alright to disagree with me. If for some reason I’ve been given something free of charge to review, any type of compensation or freebies will be disclosed at the bottom of each review.   In the spirit of staying true to myself, and keeping things real, I generally purchase the gear I review, or hit up demo days, or the company rep for products to borrow for reviews.   I don’t write reviews or opinion pieces for monetary compensation, nor do I expect to make money off of this site.  The purpose of (Ride Big) is truly just to share my experiences as a bigger rider on what I find works for me, with the hopes it provides some insight or help to other riders who may have a hard time finding products, or wondering how a larger cut jacket for example fits.

CoMclovin/Ride Big is my labor of love.. that’s pretty much it.. my love of snowboarding and it’s community.


Legal Info: All photos  and reviews are (C) Justin Tibbs ( Please don’t reuse articles or photos without permission, or crediting the original source please.