Signal Third Thursday Record Release Party

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I’m a fan of creativity, and doing your own thing.  The guys over at Signal, who already make insanely great products, took it a step further.   On this episode of “Third Thursday”  they guys make snowboards out of vinyl 12″ records and their sleeves.   It’s insanely sick, and a pretty cool concept.   I grabbed a copy of the video from Signals site HERE Check out Signals Site, and you can also check the video out below.

Outerwear Quality..

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After talking to a few friends today, I was curious how people would feel about a section on the site dedicated to various pieces of outerwear quality. We all have some piece of outerwear we love, and we know where it starts to take a dive, whether it’s in stitching, or just fading etc.  What I was thinking if having a section on the site, where we can compile some stats on how long pieces of outerwear from various companies tend to last with given riding styles..

Anywhoo just a thought… maybe more on this later..   have several reviews to work on for now.