Thoughts: It’s been a long year

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Hey everyone, that is, if anyone still visits heh. I’ve neglected posting as I’ve been working on my new company, and other ventures, but I’m still out riding quite a bit. I grabbed the new NeverSummer Twenty Five, which I’ll be posting some thoughts on shortly. I’m still riding mostly 686 outerwear, but looking to expand beyond them to some other brands, which may even include some Burton outerwear. I’m curious to also check out Burton’s new “step in” bindings I’ve been seeing articles about, as that may be interesting, or a complete disaster heh. The snow is finally starting to show promise here in Colorado, although we’ve had some good early season POW days, the base is still a bit low for what it should be. It’s definitely “old stick” time with me rocking the 09 NS Legacy during this time of the season as my go to board. How’s the snow elsewhere for you?

Get out there and make some turns. I’ll blog more as I can, especially reviews.

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