2016 and Forward

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Wow, it’s been quite a bit since I’ve updated the site. My apologies on that, works been crazy. I wanted to post today, as I’ve been up riding quite a bit, and again, as a bigger guy, figured my opinions, or thoughts may help some of those other riders out there. One thing that’s annoyed me lately is finding a helmet that fits properly again. Pro-Tec was sold, and the Vigilante is no longer made, nor do they show any “snow” helmets on the website anymore. I’ll look into that as the season progresses.

Today I ventured up to A-Basin with a good friend Scott, who was planks today. I took up a 169 Skunk Ape C2 BTX board, and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying this board right now. It’s really railing into the turns, and carving like a dream. I am still riding Flow NX2-RS bindings for the most part, but venture out to try the new offerings from Rome, and Union as well. I’ll work on posting more to the site this season, including the upcoming Never Summer line-up, changes etc. Get out there, and make some turns, the conditions here in Colorado are pretty solid.


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  • Brad


    Great to see a site like this. I remember when i started as a young bloke and being tall and fat for my age etc it was always hard to find some solid advice. Ive been on a custom X eith cartel bindings for 6+ years now. Im 6’5 and 280 pound and it never felt just right so im glad ive found some sensible advice. Ive got my eye on the skunk ape and was wondering what bindings would be recommended for all round work? I live in Australia but travel to japan, canada, usa and europe each year from saving like a fiend and want something that could complement the board and most terrain. Keep up the good work


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