Local: A Bit of Info on the Never Summer Cobra

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There’s been plenty of chatter around the internet and in the scene about the Never Summer Cobra. Yes it’s a new board, with a new shape, combining tech from some of the best boards in the NS line to create a killer “All Mountain” machine that can paintbrush down your lines. Carbonium, check, spaded tail ala “Premier F1” indeed. I’ll be spending a bit of time on this board, along side a NS Legacy for a board to board comparison. Why the Legacy? That’s the board most people have asked about comparably speaking so why not. I’ll probably try to nab a Proto CTX again as well, and maybe do a three board write-up on the differences and such. Stay tuned, as it’s been dumping snow up there, and I’ll be making turns here shortly to pin up some reviews.

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