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If you’re in the Colorado area, you’ve undoubtedly been told in many ways, that the season has started.  A-basin, Loveland, and Keystone are in full swing, although the number of runs open is of course small.  Each year, we all flock to the mecha of our choice to begin the season anew.  Today I ventured out to Keystone with Chris.  Keystone had their official opening day yesterday, so as you would expect, runs are very limited, and attendance was good today.   One soon finds out quickly, why we dub the pre-season “The White Ribbon of Death.”   Keystone did a good job of creating a very long “white ribbon of death” this year, but none the less it was packed, and a bit crazy.

I ventured out today with a Flow Merc 163 (it’s my preseason rock board), Flow NXT FSE bindings, and the Vans Cirro boots.  The Merc is alway a fun choice for a board, due to it’s rocker design.  In powder/groomers it’s a really fun board, but on icy hardpack it gets a bit sketchy at times.  With that being said, by the end of the day I had the board dialed in perfectly, and it was if we had an understanding, that it was time to shred.   I did a review of this same board earlier this year.

Keystone On Snow

The crowds were out in force, and there were copious riders and plankers just sitting around the top of the mountain and through-out the run.    It was definitely a day to pay attention to what was going on, and I watched several people wipe out with gnarly injuries.  Chris witnessed one rider tumble down the icy hardpack and break his wrist.   It’s all part of the insanity that is fitting what feels like a million people onto a single run covered by snow.

Hanging Around


Carnage withstanding, it was a good day, and was great to get my legs back underneath me.  This season should be pretty epic as the snow continues to fall.  Here’s hoping to more runs opening soon, so we can avoid the carnage and insanity of ‘The White Ribbon of Death” for too much longer.   Have fun out there this season, and be safe!

The crows amass down a single run

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