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Thoughts: Vans Cirro.. Season Two

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Recently I’ve spent some time thinking about boots for this season.  I settled on Nike because I have a pair here, and was going to spend the season on them as my primary riding boot.  Then I looked at my Cirros from this past season and realized they look great, took a ton of abuse from me, and are still going strong.

Reviews: Upcoming Season

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So I’ve decided the everyday binder this season will be the Union Force SL. I’ll do a side by side comparison of my thoughts of both the Union force SL from this season, and the Rome Targa I rode last season. To keep things fresh in my mind, I’ll also ride Targas this season as well, just not as an everyday binder. I’ve wanted to spend a bit of time on the SL’s and finally will do that this season. I haven’t settled on an everyday board, but expect reviews from Jones, Yes, Capita, and more. Have any of you started working out how you may tweak your setup for this upcoming season at all? Always enjoy hearing about what others are thinking, or doing with their rides.