Outwear Review: Bonfire Particle Pants

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This year I picked up a pair of Bonfire Particle pants, pretty cheap. ($109.00) The specs on the pants are as follows:

-Plain Weave Fabric
-10,000 mm Waterproof
-Fully Tape Seams
-8,000g Breathability
-Shell Insulation
-Brushed Tricot Seat and Knees Lining.

This is my first pair of Bonfire pants, and really they aren’t bad at all. In fact I rather enjoy riding in them. They are baggy enough to move around in, and have consistently kept me warm, even on some 4 degree days. I do wear a pair of base pants underneath them to help with warmth on super cold days. The nice thing about Bonfire pants is it appears that the sizing is pretty much spot on. Usually snowboarding gear runs smaller than normal, but in this case sizing appears to be right on. If you’re a bigger waist 38ish, you can nab an XL and be fine, if you’re 40-42 you can nab the XXL and they should fit just fine. Again, try them on prior to purchasing if possible.

Onto some specifics. The taped seams are nice and do their job well. The pants kept me dry with no problem, and have held up well to some gnalry bails. So far, I don’t have any tears or rips in them, which was suprising. I’ll report back on how they stand up as time progresses. The pants have several pockets including cargo pockets, nice for storing lil items you may need. Bonfire include a very simple lining that acts similar to a pair of underwear, but that’s about where it stops. It’s a basic lining, nothing fancy, but it does get the job done.

The pants slip right over my boots no problem, and even with my short 30″ inseam they don’t drag on the ground when I walk. Your mileage may vary of course, depending on physical constraints. There is a multitude of color choices including, fire engine red, purple, lime green, an off yellow, and a few more to boot. Of course there is always the traditional black that a lot of people seem to favor. I myself opted for the lime green, that way you can’t miss me shredding down the runs.

Overall, the Bonfire pants are a great “bang for the buck.” Quality built, seem to last pretty decently, and fit just perfectly. I have to give props to the Particle pants for now. We’ll see how they hold up as I move onto A-Basin to finish up the season.

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